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As a kid I loved to play with my Dad’s Canon Ae-1 and pretend that I was a National Geographic photographer. I would wait several seconds, minutes even, laying belly down in the grass hoping some big predator would suddenly appear in the suburbs of Boston. The lions never came and photography was a hobby.

That all changed when I was 18 and saw the documentary film Baraka for the first time. I experienced how visual storytelling can so elegantly capture the beautiful complexity of the world. The film was the proverbial slingshot for my creativity and drive.

Almost 15 years, 40 countries, and dozens of camera’s later, I am truly, madly, hopelessly addicted to filmmaking. I am never settled until the pieces of the puzzle are in place and the story has been told. With all aspects of my creative life, I embrace change, follow growth, and truly want to “ride it til the wheels fall off”.

Video Production

From story creation to post production, I will work with you to effectively communicate the stories that your business should be telling.
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