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About Us

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of kingpin repair in the industry. With over 20 years of specialized kingpin maintenance, we know our business. It’s all we do!

Insurance Covered Kingpin Repairs

Kingpin Specialists is the ONLY company to carry insurance for rebuilding kingpins. We believe that our repairs and maintenance are of superior quality and our insurance company thinks so too.

The testing required for such insurance has never been done by any other company in North America. Knock-off competitors carry insurance on trailer repairs, which specifies nothing. Be Sure YOU and YOUR Company are covered. DEMAND the “KINGPIN SPECIALISTS!”

By using our kingpin technicians and our maintenance program you add one more layer of coverage that everything possible was done to insure your fleet is up to required specifications.

Check out our Worry Free Guarantee and Kingpin Maintenance Program on our website: www.KingpinSpecialists.com

Our Ideal Customer

When Kingpin Specialists begins a relationship with our customers, we try to evaluate what type of situation we are dealing with. After 20 years in the business we have seen a lot of different configurations, but we still get surprised from time to time.

In order to set up our evaluation, ideally we like to obtain a complete equipment list with a notation of year, length, type (refer/dry/flat/lift gate/live floor), and manufacturer of your tractor trailers. This list allows us to get a good cross section of your fleet and determine which trailers are prone to being a high target.

Read more about getting started with Kingpin Specialists on our website at www.KingpinSpecialists.com/Worry-Free-Guarantee/

Our Team
Kingpin Specialists from American Kingpin Specialists, LLC
Kingpin Specialists
Danielle Vink from American Kingpin Specialists, LLC
Danielle Vink
Office Manager & Employee Affairs
Richard Lefebvre from American Kingpin Specialists, LLC
Richard Lefebvre
President - Owner
Valerie Terpening from American Kingpin Specialists, LLC
Valerie Terpening
Marketing & Communications Manager
Products & Services

Kingpin Repair

The Kingpin Specialists’ Solution is a very cost effective, DOT approved “Time Tested” method to return the pin to new condition. We work on location, in your yard while the trailers are parked for regular maintenance, resulting in Limited Equipment Down Time for kingpin repair. Kingpin...

Free Fleet Evaluation

FREE Fleet Evaluations give our technicians an opportunity to see if there is anything unusual in regards to wear characteristics. We have, in the past, caught trailer kingpin wear indicators well outside of standard expectations. Catching these anomalies early can insure warranty issues are...
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