Our Ideal Customer

We are always on the lookout for cool product based companies, outdoor, lifestyle, tech, or cannabis industry. Photographers who have a need for studio and equipment rentals, and anyone who is planning an event and looking to make an impression on their guests.

About Us

Cluster Studios is one of Denver's hidden gems. It is a premier creative workspace that provides dedicated office spaces, a professional photo studio, and a host to inspiring special events. This 22,000 sq ft renovated warehouse is sure to inspire and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. A blank canvas for you to paint...

How We Got Started

Revolutionizing office space and pioneering a successful model for mixed use space. The trifecta model I created was office suites, pro photo, and event space. My goal was to provide an inspiring workspace and house companies with synergy and capability to cross promote, cross pollinate, and collaborate while sharing amenities and resources.

Professional Office Spaces

Cluster Studios has a variety of different office spaces and floor plans that are perfect for you to create the space you need to maximize whatever it is that you need.

Professional Photo Studio

A blank canvas for you to paint. Cluster embraces it's urban exterior and excites with its unique/chic interior spaces. Beautiful 20ft high wood timber ceilings, polished concrete floors, and custom everything.

Event Space

Some features include our "Chandelier Room," featuring NOOR fixtures from Cairo, the daylight lounge, the warehouse, and our Triangle Room coming summer 2017.  Modern kitchen, mobile lounges, floating leather couches, mobile walls, oversized vendor tables, turnkey Turbosound system, photo...
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Our Team
Michael Vargas from Cluster Studios
Michael Vargas
Founder of Cluster Studios