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About Us

Each Profit Pilots Mastermind Alliance is a non-profit business association dedicated to the growth and prosperity of its member companies, company owners, their families, employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.

Each Profit Pilots Mastermind Alliance also adopts and supports a local charity with monthly financial contributions and commitments of time and talent from Alliance members.

How We Got Started

Profit Pilots believes...

• small businesses are the economic engines that create jobs, security, and legacies of both wisdom and wealth to pay forward to their families, partners, co-workers, employees, communities, and country.

• business owners and employees, by their very existence as free people in freely operating enterprises, preserve and protect the inalienable rights we all enjoy

• all business owners…

• are Profit Pilots

• need a Trusted Board of Advisors

• deserve to overcome their everyday challenges and thrive

Our Ideal Customer

If you own a business, know how lonely it can be at the top, and want to grow and prosper, you are already a Profit Pilot. You will benefit by enlisting in a Profit Pilots Mastermind Alliance and sharing your ideas, insights, education, experience, practices, and perspective with your fellow Profit Pilots and learning to SOAR Together..

Our Team
Sandra Reeves from Profit Pilots, Inc.
Sandra Reeves
Jeffrey Reeves from Profit Pilots, Inc.
Jeffrey Reeves
Founder and CEO
Products & Services

Glendale Profit Pilots Mastermind Alliance

The Glendale Profit Pilots Mastermind Alliance is a member-manged non-profit business association dedicated exclusively to the growth and prosperity of its members.
Businesses We Recommend
Past Events & Promotions
Profit Pilots is accepting applications to the invitation only Glendale Profit Pilots Mastermind Alliance. IMAGINE having 15 or more business people just like you addressing the issues, challenges, problems, and opportunities you face every day and not having to rely on haphazard advice from...
If you are in a business where your peers are making a seven figure income and you are not...attend the Glendale Profit Pilots Mastermind Alliance Preview Event and start on a flight path to get there. Experience shows that the most successful sales and business people... • have P&L...
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Let's connect on Alignable. I offer you a 30 minute phone conversation where you can present a small business problem and I will give you my best "uncommon" solution based on 40 yrs of hearing it all! Thank You!