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An open-minded individual seeking guidance, healing and positive change in their lives. One who would like to try a different approach from traditional counseling and therapy to one that covers all aspects of the physical, emotional, mental/psychological and spiritual well-being.

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Passage to Inner Joy Healing

At Passage To Inner Joy, we recognize the need to address each individual. As we travel through life, our needs shift as our circumstances and challenges change. While mentoring works in one situation, individual spiritual counseling is better suited for another, and so on. Whatever your needs may be, we have the form of healing to fit into your particular life.

Spiritual Counseling

During our time spent together in a spiritual counseling session, I will personally guide you to how you can quickly heal your pain and change your life to get into the flow of peaceful and joyful living.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an indigenous type of energy healing form that has been around for over 40,000 years. This healing art is given by an initiate (called a Shaman or Shamanic Practitioner) of the cross-cultural work who acts as a go-between of the spiritual realms and the earthly/physical realm...


Mentoring offers you a one-on-one approach to self-improvement and self-development on both a practical and spiritual level.

Mediumship Readings

As a bridge between worlds, my mediumship readings are solely to communicate with loved ones on the other side.
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