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About Us

Business Builders Connection is a social/mobile marketing company that has been working in the industry for many years now. In that time we have developed a reputation for providing first-class professionalism and outstanding support.

At Business Builders Connection we offer reliable and cost-effective marketing solutions for small businesses. Our team of marketing specialists are dedicated to providing excellent service and support.

How We Got Started

We began working with Network Marketing entrepreneurs who wanted to apply today's online technologies in their businesses. We decided to expand that outreach to many small business owners who were struggling with the fast-paced growth of the Internet and the ever-changing methods of getting - and keeping -new clients.

Our Ideal Customer

"Solopreneurs" and small business owners who are starting a business or want to grow their business without spending most of their time on marketing their business.

Need a website but don't have the budget for it? Contact us, we can help.

Our Team
Kenneth Sapp from Business Builders Connection
Kenneth Sapp
Products & Services

Pitch Maker

Struggling with your video marketing? Well, now you can create a Video Sales Letter in under 30 seconds. In 4 simple steps you can have a video marketing campaign up and running with a new online app called Pitch Maker. No monthly fee, lifetime updates and no stressing over how to write scripts...

Branding and Marketing videos

Video intros and outros, "promo" videos, branding videos. Video drives more than 64% of all online consumer traffic, and will reach 80% or more by 2019. Visit BestVideoSolution.com to learn more and to get started.

Multiple Page Social Media Publisher

As the various social media networks continue to evolve, the WORLD becomes more and more dependent upon social media from everything from talking with friends and loved ones… Visit us at: http://businessbuildersconnection.com/bleupage_pro to learn more or the get started.

Social Contest Center

Create Viral Contests To Build Your List, Increase Sales And Generate Unlimited Traffic! It's a fact: Everyone loves to get something for free. Give people a chance to win something valuable, and they will get excited. They'll like, share, comment, email, click.....whatever you need. All to...

Fan Contact

Leverage Your Facebook Comments and Page Contacts To Build A List Using A Simple 3 Step App. You convert more prospects into leads and buyers, increase engagement, and turn one time shopper into long term customers. You make more sales and profit from every offer you share. These are...

Social Responder

The Benefits of Marketing Inside the FB Messenger Are Officially IMPOSSIBLE to Ignore - Personal Interaction is KING! You can now send personal messages and automated follow-Up personal messages to your entire FB page. Visit http://sales.responsequick.com/ to learn more.


Track Clicks, Redirect Links, Split Test and Retarget . . . All With One Powerful Platform. You need to see how many clicks your marketing messages get, so you can understand what your audience reacts well to, and act accordingly. CliksTracker provides all the tracking you need to make the...

Push Leads - Stay Connected

Convert Website Visitors to Customers And Engage With Them Whenever They're Online. Sites like CNN, Twitter, eBay, NY Times followed strategies like this to increase their visitor engagement rates. Now you can too! > 100% message delivery rate > 700% more effective than e-mail...

Ruby Receptionists

Missing calls from prospects because you're involved in a project? Are callers hanging up because they can't hear you? Ever lost a prospective customer because of a late call-back? You need help. Ruby® Receptionists is the only virtual receptionist service dedicated to creating personal...
Businesses We Recommend
The Fix-It team is honest, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional with unmatched skills to get whatever you need done.
Joyce has a real love for helping people get what they want. She is a phenomenal mentor and coach.
One of the best refinance teams I've ever worked with. Knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient. Give them a call.
Top Forum Activity
Kenneth Sapp answered What Are The Steps To Generate Real Estate Leads On...
3 months ago • 2 Likes • 2 Replies
So many great responses and ideas in this thread, however much of it does not touch on how FB actually want to help. There are multiple technology solutions available to RE agents and other niches... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered What Is the Best Tool for Marketing a Travel/Tourism...
16 days ago • 1 Like
Ask your clients if they will share a few of their photos or videos with you. Add their comments and experiences to your website or ask them to. Create a video compilation of non-personal images to... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered What Do You Enjoy the Most About Alignable?
25 days ago • 1 Like
I enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the answers given, and the (somewhat) lack of competitive jockeying normally found in many business-related forums. While many business owners are looking for leads... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered How Do You Stand Out in an Already Crowded Market of...
about 1 month ago • 1 Like
I would think that, in a market of similar products, the service you provide should be the most outstanding quality. Highlighting the differences in products that can be mass-produced by a third... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered What Is the Purpose of Having a Website and How Much Do...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like
A website should be an extension of your business. It should offer visitors who are not within your "sphere of influence" information on your business, products and/or services you offer, a means... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered How Much Time and Resources Do You Spend on Managing...
3 months ago • 1 Like
I use a tool called "BleuPage Pro". It allows me to post to multiple platforms at once, as well as multiple fan pages. Creating posts and adding images can take a huge amount of time. And if you... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered Is Email Dead, or On Its Way Out, As a Primary Outreach...
3 months ago • 1 Like
Email is not dead, as David LaPlante explains. I also agree that messaging is now a more complex issue and requires many different avenues to reach your target market. With so many different... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered Generic Website Builder Or Invest In A Web Designer?
4 months ago • 1 Like
When using generic website builders (like Wix) you run the risk of your site (and your business) getting lost in their advertising and not being indexed by the search engines. You may be pushed to... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered Are You Using Chat Bots or Automated Messaging to...
about 2 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
I also use chat bots, as well as auto-notification bots. They are very effective in maintaining communication, especially when dealing with visitors and clients who may need your services or... (more)
Kenneth Sapp asked What Is Your Best Method for Attracting a New Pool of...
16 days ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
This question is posed to generate a conversation that I am sure faces most business owners, but may be of interest to many new entrepreneurs. There is a whole new aggregation of consumers coming... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered What's The Best Way to Get Referrals As A Mental Health...
21 days ago
Sometimes, Heather, the marketing aspect of business can be daunting. You're doing OK on FB with your posts, but most seem like marketing messages. Try offering snippets of generalized advice on... (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered Do You Believe the Future Is Business Operation Will Be...
about 1 month ago
Absolutely. We may not have much choice but to operate our businesses "in the cloud" since more and more of what many businesses offer requires some aspect of remote access. (more)
Kenneth Sapp answered How Do I Get Visitors To My Coffee Website to Actually...
2 months ago
Cynthia, many of the suggestions are excellent and most point to knowing what your audience is looking for, placing that right in front and giving them a chance to purchase within the first 5... (more)
Kenneth Sapp asked Does Your Business Use Any Type of Rewards Programs?
3 months ago • 2 Likes • 2 Replies
Does your business use any type of rewards program to retain customers or encourage them to return? If not, can you share why not, and if you do can you share the upside (and success) of using... (more)
Kenneth Sapp asked Does Having a Website Help Increase Your Lead Generation...
3 months ago • 35 Likes • 30 Replies
Since the early Internet heydays of "If you build a website, they will come", have you as a business owner found that having a website has had a measurable impact on your business? Does having a... (more)
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