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About Us

I offer an in-depth knowledge of core strengths, and human functioning to help people understand and embrace their inner design.

The Results - Solving people problems at home or at work. We improve communications and minimize misunderstandings between family members, co-workers, and customers.

Our Ideal Customer

- Someone who helps others, but want to decide how to help more people without exhausting yourself.

- Couples who are transitioning into a new phase of life- entering an empty nest or retirement and needing to renegotiate their relationship

- A group or organization experiencing "People Problems" - Communications problems & misunderstandings which are costing time and money, and are beginning to impact your bottom line.

Our Team
Stacey Horn from Stacey Horn Consulting and HypnosisVail
Stacey Horn
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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Use Hypnosis to go from someone "trying to stop smoking" to a Non-Smoker! Locals special $90 per session through August 2017
Businesses We Recommend
I recommend Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, as providing an excellent school of Hypnotherapy. As a result of completing their program, I love being able to offer hypnosis to facilitate changes in peoples lives!
Martin is an incredible group facilitator, teacher, and Healer. I have seen him over the years change numerous peoples lives, including my own. If you have the chance to work with him- don't miss the opportunity.
I refer clients to Amy Goscha, when they need to have factual information in order to make big decisions in their lives. Her superpower is listening to what clients need, as well as want, and helping to find the balance between those two. A skill indeed.
I've been using radio advertising to educate the community on my services. I love it when people tell me they heard me on the radio!
I'm grateful for understanding my InnerKinetics, and being able to share my unique gifts with the world. I'm grateful for learning how help to people change their lives- by understanding their inner design and living in their strengths.