Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is someone planning an event that needs a touch of sparkle and magic to make it extraordinary. I also deliver transformational Keynotes and Team Building programs for organizations whose employees are underperforming, uninspired and whose creativity is under-utilized.

You are my ideal client if you want to have a 'new-paradigm' organization and save money and make money by lowering stress and increasing happiness and mindfulness in your organization. If you want to keep transforming with our fast moving times and do it in a delightfully fun and entertaining way, you are my ideal client.

About Us

Heather Rogers is Magician & Speaker who delivers dazzling entertainment, as well as corporate team building that helps people optimize their brain power and live in the Miracle Zone.


How We Got Started

I ran away with the Pickle Family Circus and began my life as a professional entertainer. Now my Abundance in Action programs help people maximize their mind and monetize their mastery.

Businesses We Recommend
Kimba is a healer on many levels. She is a practitioner who can meet clients in a fully integrative way with bodywork, sound healing and strategic coaching. She is a wise medicine woman!
I highly recommend the Dentistry office of Dr. Edward Orson. He has been my dentist for over 23 years. He has seen me through crowns, implants, braces and everything in between. Honestly, I have never met a health care practitioner or physician with such a big heart. He is more than just a dentist. He is a good friend to all who come to him. The entire office staff is very wonderful too. Scarlett, has been there for, I think over 25 years, and Becky has been there about as long. Eddie is always keeping up with the latest developments. And last I heard I think he is now teaching at University of the Pacific Dental School. Dr. Ed and I are about the same age and I hope to grow old with him and his warm, kind staff.
Our Team
Heather Rogers from Heather Magic
Heather Rogers
CEO Mind-Magic Solutions