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About Us

Corporate History

For over four generations the Melo and Matos families have been one of the largest producers of the finest organic coffee and aged tobacco in the Dominican Republic, focusing in exportation of coffee as well as supplying some of the largest fine cigar distributors and importers in the Dominican Republic with aged cured tobacco.

In 2002 following the ambitious entrepreneurial drive and knowledge of both coffee and tobacco growing, H. F. Melo, a fourth generation tobacco and coffee master blender decided it was the right time to venture into the cigar export market, launching the Hispaniola Cigars Brand and Introducing it to a selective market segment.

The launch served as a springboard for other cigars within the distinctive Hispaniola portfolio.

How We Got Started

Hispaniola Cigars Flagship Store USA.

Tobacco grower | Cigar Manufacturer | Wholesaler | Distribution.

Our Team
Casa HIspaniola Fine Tobacconist from Casa Hispaniola Fine Tobacconist
Casa HIspaniola Fine Tobacconist
Products & Services

Cigar Lounge | Pipe Tobacco | Club Membership

Full selection of the finest cigars from all over the world, put together by real tobacconist to be enjoyed at it fullest. We offer unique experience at our cigar lounge along with a professional service.
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Casa Hispaniola Fine Tobacconist. 126 Engle st Englewood NJ 07631 Tel: 201 -567-1305 The home of an honest, sensitive, courageous and very talented cigar smoker. Cigar Shop NYC.| Tobacco Shop NYC. | Cigar Lounge NYC.
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Any of our neighbors gets a 10 % discount just by showing their business cards. Cigar Lounge available for business meeting with reservations in advance. Tobacconist for over 50 years. Cigar Shop NYC. | Tobacco Shop NYC. | Cigar Lounge NYC.