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About Us

I provide support for computers, web development and technical support in general. I provide information for computer support regarding general usage, troubleshooting and security.

I provide web development support in the form of assisting with custom coding and custom modifications, along with diagnosing and fixing problems with websites. I also provide general tech support in a number of technical areas.

How We Got Started

I started doing this as I developed major medical problems and could no longer perform my job, which was as an Avionics technician specializing in Autopilots for 20 years.

My body may not function well but my mind still works fine. I started helping my brother with his business and more and more people have asked for assistance, so I have started providing support for computer problems, web support and just about anything else somebody needs help with.

Our Ideal Customer

Anybody who needs assistance with a computer problem, web support problem or general assistance. So many find that the support they have received, has been over priced and not as accurate or receptive as they would prefer. I like to help people and use my abilities to help who I can.

Our Team
Mike Crabill from Eclectic Sales & Creative Marketing, LLC
Mike Crabill
Tech Support
Products & Services


Web hosting for websites, email, and both for all of your hosting needs.

WordPress web development

Complete WordPress site development and support. Complete customization of sites to suit your needs.

Marketing services

We offer a complete range of marketing services, including but not limited to: website, email & video marketing, snail mail postcard & brochures marketing. If you have a marketing need we can help.

Tech support

We can provide support for web development, hosting and computers. If you have a support need give us a try.

web development

Providing web development services in the form of custom mods & coding for websites. Also providing diagnostic services for problems.
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