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My ideal client is an elderly or disabled person spending down their life savings for private services such as home-care or nursing home care not knowing they could save All or Most of their Income, Life Savings and Homes.

About Us

Elder Care Services, Inc., assist the elderly and disabled with their Medicaid home-care or nursing home applications and at the same time, protect their income, life savings and homes.

Our clients value our leadership, customer-centered business philosophy and ability to seamlessly provide a complete range of services.

Medicaid Applications

Prepare Medicaid Home-Care or Nursing Home Applications and at the same time protect the assets, income and homes.
Businesses We Recommend
I highly recommend Robert Intelisano & Associates put the client first and provide white glove attention to everyone.
Nina is an awesome Geriatric Care Manager. She takes her clients needs seriously and with love and compassion achieves the best results for them. I highly recommend Nina as no. 1 Geriatric Care Manager for your family's loved ones.
Bert is a great networker. Hard worker and very trustworthy.
Attorney Laura Outeda not only knows immigration law, but she is sincere, compassionate, and enjoys helping her clients and people in general.
Boris is a good networker and thrustworthy. Always willing to make introductions and offer referral ideas
CDML great IT people. The know computers and how to rotect them - CDML will make sure you bits wont bite.
Great newspaper, great staff, always have your business interest in mind.
Mark Novin from Novin & Associates is an honest property manager who will not only manage your properties, but will assist you with guidance and suggestions regarding all aspects of your property - a person you can trust goes a long way.
Aigner Chocolates are the best chocolates you could find in the states. There are none to compare the quality, taste, and richness of the chocolate flavor produced here. If you like chocolate than you must stop by and try it!
Honest and trustworthy
The office of Ronald Fatoullah and Associates are always interested in assisting, advising and giving referrals. It's always a pleasure to discuss difficult Medicaid issues with attorney Meshnick and receive the proper guidance.
Jim is extremely professional and experienced in his field. He will only recommend the best products and approach to achieve your business needs.
Caryan is extremely compassionate about her work and loves to assist the elderly and medically challenged population.

Highly Recommended

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Our Team
Jack Lippmann from Elder Care Services, Inc.
Jack Lippmann