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“ I've known and worked with Cary Kleinman for the past 40 years and have always found him to be above board in all situations plus he's one of the n... ”
Written Aug 13, 2017

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arts and crafts show

Bows bands and beads • Saturday Sep 23rd - Sep 24th
I will be a vendor at the annual arts and crafts show at the Southwest Focal Senior Center on September 23 and 24, 2017.

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FREE Move in Truck

RoboVault Self Storage
forget the rental process of a truck to help your move, come to RoboVault and we let use ours for free.

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Denise Nuñez Casale from Coral Gables Trust
Denise Nuñez Casale from Coral Gables Trust answered:
All answers so far are excellent. Let me add... have a system where you can categorize who you have met on a 1-2-1 or network events. For example: 1. Whenever possible collect business cards or have them send you their contact info via text or you send your contact to them. This way you now have their contact number in your phone to follow... (more)

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Professional Evaluation Group, Fort Lauderdale FL
Lori Peterson from Professional Evaluation Group wrote:
Our clients include insurance carriers, Third Party Administrators (TPA's), Defense Firms, self-insureds and city & state municipalities, nationwide. We provide a Medical Vendor Service to Insurance Claims: Adjusters, Supervisors, Managers, Attorneys & Risk Managers. (more)

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Riverside Hotel, Fort Lauderdale FL
Maura McQuesten from Riverside Hotel
Fort Lauderdale FL • Hotel, Motel
Riverside Hotel is located on trendy Las Olas Boulevard which features cool sub-tropical breezeways and courtyards alive with sidewalk cafes, lively nightclubs, chic boutiques, art galleries, and world class restaurants. The only hotel on Las Olas Boulevard, the Riverside Hotel features Wild Sea ...
Joined on Aug 14, 2017

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