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We will collect the necessary field information, which may include various sampling media for laboratory analysis, conduct an investigation in accordance with these accepted industry standards and will provide a meaningful and informative report of the findings.

Projects requiring specific remediation response will have a Protocol written detailing the “Scope of Work” necessary for a properly licensed contractor to perform the work necessary to obtain a successful outcome and return the space to a normal fungal ecology.

Our Ideal Customer

We looking for someone that is felling sick when they are in they office or home, or if you have a water damage in your office or home call us so we may perform a detail assessment. Tony Merced at 954.638.9954

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Tony Merced from Florida Enviormental Hygiene Corp.
Tony Merced
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Indoor Enviornment Hygienist

Florida Environmental Hygiene Corp, (FEHC) will perform visual inspection. The purpose of the visual inspection is to identify visible conditions that may be productive to water intrusion/mold. With over thirty years in the construction industry, and over ten thousand structural assessments, my...
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