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People who want to save money and free themselves from the strangle hold of the Utility Company's control of energy and costs to consumers. Those who want a cleaner alternative and support the decentralization of power by giving the consumers a choice to make their own decisions.

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Solar Solutions for America

Work with Residential and Commercial Clients in 48 States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central and South America to reduce their energy costs and take back their switch. Clean energy alternative to the dirty energy we have been accustomed to. One simple no obligation call and I will show you how to cut your costs by 40% or more. Call 239-223-1501 and let me show you how.

$0 down financing available as well as 30% federal tax credit for those who qualify. In many areas there are also State and Local incentives available. One free call and Invest in the Sun and save. 239-223-1501.

How We Got Started

To offer clean renewable affordable energy to all. To create jobs and build the economy and replace dirty fossil fuels for the next generation.

Miles Weinberg CREW Solar Consutant

Free Estimates and Consultations for Solar Installations. Take your power back and "OWN THE SWITCH".
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Great Company in beautiful area to help you buy that summer paradise home.
Dedicated to individual service for each of his clients. If you want a successful life style of health and nutrition call David.

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By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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Miles Weinberg from Solar Solutions for America
Miles Weinberg
Real Estate Mentor and Solar Consultant