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About Us

Consulting on how best to use Technology in your business or organization, from small to large. Specializing in Linux and Open Source technologies, both software and hardware.

How We Got Started

To provide solutions that are cheaper, better, and reliable, and put control where it belongs, in the hands of the owner, not the services or software vendor.

Our Ideal Customer

Those tired of the same old technology answers and solutions, and want something more reliable, less expensive, under their control, and better designed for them. And of course extremely reliable and robust.

Our Team
Gary Nutbeam from Across The Big Pond LLC
Gary Nutbeam
Products & Services

Technology consulting and support services

Over 26 years of Technology experience. We don't follow the IT/Technology herd and recommend doing the same tired thing as everyone else. Where is the edge gained in that? Instead we use technology in more creative and less costly ways to help businesses and organizations, from small to large...
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