Our Ideal Customer

People who are seeking a healthy meal in a casual environment. We offer several vegan and Glutton-free options.

About Us

Semi Fast Food Middle Eastern restaurant. We serve Falafel, Shawarma, Kabob, and Hummus to name a few. We serve strictly Halal meat (Chicken and Lamb; no beef). Our desserts include Bakalava, Kinaffe, and Sabarina. We make practically everything fresh and from scratch.

How We Got Started

As a person who loved foods of all types, I wanted to offer an alternative to the typical fast food that is currently available. Our food is prepared from scratch and is fresh daily. Although it is "fast food" our menu is far healthier than the normal fast food.

Authentic Middle Eastern food

Falafel, Shawarma, Kabob, Hummus and others. Also, check out our desserts. Full menu is on line at falafeletc.com
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Not really. I know that we get reviews on their site but I have not followed it. I used to be an avid Yelp user but now I just look at the reviews. Google places notifies me when we have a new... (more)
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Ramzi Totari from Falafel Etc
Ramzi Totari