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About Us

Our Pie Membership is a great gift to THANK your clients, this will help you to get more referrals your clients will LOVE you for it. Discover our flavors through our Pie and Wine tasting events. Come be social, have fun and meet some new people.

People who like the finest things in life, like fine wine, music and also love Sedona Pies.

All our pies are a one of a kind, premium organic, custom made with honest ingredients. Considered sinfully delicious pies. Locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

We grade the sweetness of our pies like a bottle of wine, from #0 to #9. The pies are made with wine, beer, and spirits. 5% of our profits go to community food projects, like community gardens.

How We Got Started

I've been an Entrepreneur most of my life, this is my third or so business. Sedona Pies was born, to be a vehicle of social change. Thus, it feeds the hungry one pie at a time. 5% of the profits goes to community gardens. Share some love with your clients with a Sedona Pie.

Our Ideal Customer

Solo Entrepreneurs who service customers directly like Realtors, Dentists, Mortgage brokers, Insurance agents, Beauty Salons, Florists. and Membership clubs.

Our Team
Mari-Lyn Harris from Sedona Pies
Mari-Lyn Harris
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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Become founding business partners in an open networking group in Fremont. It's about free networking, referrals and supporting each other. No fees, no lead requirements and no restrictions to how many companies from each profession. We are the non-networking group and believe there is value in...
Products & Services

A funding strategy from Kiva & Incredibles

This event has been moved to Wednesday, August 31. Many of your could really benefit to listen some alternative options. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/funding-strategies-from-credibles-and-kiva-tickets-26675662625 This event is sold out!

Spirited Adult Gourmet Pies

Prepay for food and receive edible credits to use like a gift card. Large prepayments can even earn edible interest. Get more of your favorite food, when you pay us in advance. https://credibles.co/offering/sedona-pies

Girls day out Shopping

“Girls Day Out Shopping” Fundraising event! This event will benefit the fundraising efforts for the new Kappa Delta Chapter House for the Gamma Iota Chapter at San Jose State University! Saturday, April 22nd from 1‐4 p.m. Location: 405 S. 10th St., San Jose, CA 95112 (it is in the church rec...

CF3 Networking

The CF3 group is a popular, lively and free business group whose mission is to connect, foster relationships and educate local business leaders. To register https://www.meetup.com/CF3-Collaborative-First-Fridays-Free/events/239044193/ Friday, May 5th, 2017 Denny's Restaurant 1140 Hillsdale...

Customer Retention Program

There are 14 Reasons why you really need a customer retention program. Otherwise, you are always looking for new customers. With increasing competition, it may cost 5 times more to attract new customers than it would take to retain your current customers. Reactive marketing requires much...
Businesses We Recommend
Sheila, is committed to your success in finding a home.
Lauren is a very creative artist and illustrator. I love that she lights up her customers walls with her art.
He diligent and cleans your business or house the 1st time.
Maury, is very talented Professional Marketing & Advertising guy. Need a copy writer? He's full of great ideas to help you scale up your business via performance based advertising.
Wildflowers are delicious and can certainly help you to be re-energize your body. I plan on ordering some more soon. I've really enjoyed Peters, tonics. Herbal, Raw, Kosher energizing superfoods.
Larry and his collaborators do actually bring your dream home to life with his entertainment systems. Anything you can dream, he can do. I've known Larry for a year now, would recommend him to help you with the entertainment details.
Christine is very knowledgable and experienced to help you with all your window covering needs. She's personable and friendly.
Devika is a delight to work with. You will feel refreshed and relaxed after your facial. Your skin will feel blissful, like her company name says. I've known Devika for several years now and would recommend her services.
I recommend working with Linda, she was always helpful and collaborative with Sedona Pies. Her new business of creating events and staging will help your business to be energized.
Congrats in following your dreams
She makes nice art and she is helpful with other artists.
Thanks Reno for your support through the years
Bette Daoust Ph.D. and her team help writers, book authors to get published. She herself has many books under her belt. Provides specialty content strategy, documentation and process development. I recommend her, as she has helped me, put together my own books.
Denise, will provide you the best services possible. She's personable and helpful
Deborah and her team are easy to work with, I enjoyed buying aprons, from them when I lived in Sedona, AZ. They are active in their community and enjoyed doing business with them.
Chuck is really good at what he does, making you look good on paper & online. He has edited my website, written a media piece for me all have worked out well. Thank you!
Bill will help you take your business of where you are now to where you want to be.
Mary is very enthusiastic in supporting local businesses. We did some networking a few years ago, always found her helpful.
Lleana at Local Reputation Edge will give you the edge to you need to compete in your local marketplace. Why suffer? Just hire Lleana and her team to help you.
Mark's calls on Fridays are a great way to open your eyes to discover a different strategy in getting more business. I was in the forest, and wanted help in how I could approach my clients, what I could say and what kind of packages I could offer. Thank you Mark, it was nice speaking to someone who is likeminded I found my call with him valuable.
Kevin creates beautiful; public art,
Sedona Segway Tours is a great way to travel, ride rather than just walk in long distances. Enjoyable!
This is truly a heart filled business, giving us a way to keep our memories of our beloved ones close to us. Hailey's memories is a store where you can buy treasures to kee[ your memories alive.
Nothing like getting your message out to your customers, with a clear and concise voice. Paul's services are excellent for local businesses.
Joe Monte of TB Business Finance works with small businesses only. I have had the pleasure of working with him. I am sure you will too!
It's a great group to connect, learn and really meet your local businesses.
Stacey loves to help you tell your story about your business. She's a great writer with food and travel.
Nothing like a great chocolate cake, to suit your theme
Win, is a courageous gal who continues to push her physical boundaries. Provides encouragement and hope to those who have disabilities. Truly a mentor and coach.
I met James a few years ago as he was developing his videos and working with clients. James is a dynamic speaker and business coach, he can really dig deep into giving your audience proven techniques about what and why Emotional Intelligence should be important to you. I would encourage you to check him out.
Susan is a wonderful artist and she helps other artists to become successful too! Do ask her about her art work.
HI Anna, thanks for sharing my event. Plus you still deserve to be recommended for all you do to help people write their book.
KcDhalwal is a great resource if you are building your own commercial project.
Maxine and her team at Special Occasions are easy to work with. Will execute your event convering all the details to make you happy.
Past Events & Promotions
When you write your ideal client profile you will gain clarity in the people you want to serve and the people who want to buy from you and continue to business with you. Watch the Video on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe94HAqOYSg
Who would like to take a coffee break and meet? It would be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other. Mari-Lyn
Participating in SanJose Made event on Saturday, May 13. Drop by, buy a pie for your wife, mom or girlfriend. They'll love you for it. more info: www.sanjosemade.com

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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