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About Us

We make sinfully delicious pies made with honest ingredients, locally sourced as much as possible. We grade the sweetness of our pies like a bottle of wine. We have wine, beer and spirit pies. 5% of the profits go to community food projects.

We have a pie of the month club for families or to give as a "Thank you" to your clients. Got a wedding coming up?

People who like the finest things in life, like find wine, music and food also love Sedona Pies.

We also offer a wonderful customer loyalty program, called the Pie Club, where you can get 10% off and other perks.

All our pies are custom made with honest ingredients. If you have a large orders we do give volume discounts.

How We Got Started

I've been an Entrepreneur most of my life, this is my third or so business. Sedona Pies was born, to be a vehicle of social change. Thus, it feeds the hungry one pie at a time. 5% of the profits goes to community gardens. Share some love with a Sedona Pie.

Our Ideal Customer

Party Planners, Families celebrating weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays. For businesses - those who want to give something unique to appreciate their clients.

Our Team
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Mari-Lyn Harris
Products & Services

A funding strategy from Kiva & Incredibles

This event has been moved to Wednesday, August 31. Many of your could really benefit to listen some alternative options. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/funding-strategies-from-credibles-and-kiva-tickets-26675662625 This event is sold out!

Spirited Adult Gourmet Pies

Prepay for food and receive edible credits to use like a gift card. Large prepayments can even earn edible interest. Get more of your favorite food, when you pay us in advance. https://credibles.co/offering/sedona-pies
Businesses We Recommend
Denise, will provide you the best services possible. She's personable and helpful
Thanks Reno for your support through the years
He diligent and cleans your business or house the 1st time.
Stacey loves to help you tell your story about your business. She's a great writer with food and travel.
Amy is a genuine person who really cares about you and your skin.
Deborah and her team are easy to work with, I enjoyed buying aprons, from them when I lived in Sedona, AZ. They are active in their community and enjoyed doing business with them.
Paul is knowledgeable, easy to work with and responds back as soon as possible while you are working with him. I am currently working with him as we locate a space. Check in with him first as you begin your real estate adventure.
Maxine and her team at Special Occasions are easy to work with. Will execute your event convering all the details to make you happy.
Marcia Shea is personable, easy to work with, a paralegal and represents Legal Shield. She speaks from experience and offers an incredible product and service. I recommend you hire her.
Hang in there. Appreciate you
Keep teaching, your message is an important one.
Lleana at Local Reputation Edge will give you the edge to you need to compete in your local marketplace. Why suffer? Just hire Lleana and her team to help you.
Christine is very knowledgable and experienced to help you with all your window covering needs. She's personable and friendly.
Sheila, is committed to your success in finding a home.
Devika is a delight to work with. You will feel refreshed and relaxed after your facial. Your skin will feel blissful, like her company name says. I've known Devika for several years now and would recommend her services.
I met James a few years ago as he was developing his videos and working with clients. James is a dynamic speaker and business coach, he can really dig deep into giving your audience proven techniques about what and why Emotional Intelligence should be important to you. I would encourage you to check him out.
Kevin creates beautiful; public art,
HI Anna, thanks for sharing my event. Plus you still deserve to be recommended for all you do to help people write their book.
She makes nice art and she is helpful with other artists.
It's a great group to connect, learn and really meet your local businesses.
Larry and his collaborators do actually bring your dream home to life with his entertainment systems. Anything you can dream, he can do. I've known Larry for a year now, would recommend him to help you with the entertainment details.
I recommend working with Linda, she was always helpful and collaborative with Sedona Pies. Her new business of creating events and staging will help your business to be energized.
Congrats in following your dreams
Susan is a wonderful artist and she helps other artists to become successful too! Do ask her about her art work.
Past Events & Promotions
The 1st Annual Crystal Chair Award Gala! Sedona Pies is showcasing a collaborative venture with Cannella a Liqueur. It's a cinnamon flavor, I will create a recipe for this special night. Please register to join us. http://www.nawbo-sv.org/page/events-detail?id=254
The 1st Annual Crystal Chair Award Gala! Sedona Pies is showcasing a collaborative venture with Cannella a Liqueur. It's a cinnamon flavor, I will create a recipe for this special night. Please register to join us. http://www.nawbo-sv.org/page/events-detail?id=254
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Christmas is coming sooner than your think..our special is when you buy a pie of the month "Rum Butter" (or any other pie will work too!) You'll be entered into our contest to win a Travel Certificate. (It's good in the USA) head over to sedonapies dot com place your order or call 510-564-7880

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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