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Pre retirees from at 45+, retirees age 65+, young parents, young professionals and anyone who is in need for long term care insurance.

About Us

I am an agent with Oneamerica and help my clients with variety of products from Life insurance to long term care and much more. The long term care policy is linked with whole life so my clients can pas it on to the beneficiaries if it is not used. I also help clients save more money for retirement with their current budget and without allocating more money by using Wealth building cornerstone.

How We Got Started

To help people plan for the future and be prepared for the uncertainty.

Life Insurance, Long term care, disability insurance, Whole life, employee benefits, term insurance

My company offers variety of products and I work with clients to find out what they are looking for and how to set up the best strategies for their future.

Personal Insurance

We provide a wide variety of personal insurance policies. Contact us at 5104177230 with any questions about your personal insurance needs, for a review of your current coverage, and for quotes to see how our policies compare.
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Rupali G Desai from Oneamerica Insurance comany- Rupali Desai
Rupali G Desai
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