Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is on a mission to optimize his or her marketing and bring in a partner to keep them on track with it. They can benefit by adding a few new strategies "firepower" or getting more out of what they currently have in place. They want and need someone on their team to provide expert advice on strategy and who can also take the pressure off by executing tasks when needed.

About Us

Goldleaf Creative, headed by Randy George, provides concrete strategic marketing advice to grow your business and achieve your goals. Our mission is to keep you on track and focused on what matters, and provide vital marketing support wherever needed.

To support your goals, we provide Web design services, content writing, printing, local search engine optimization, and social media support.

Our long-term clients include restaurants, elder care agencies, importers, martial arts schools, and a wide variety of product and service-based businesses.

Contact us today to discuss how a versatile team with a deep understanding of business development, sales, and the latest marketing strategies can support your business growth.

How We Got Started

In 1994 I created one of the largest British Isles-related mail-order companies in North America. When the catalog industry took a turn in the late 90's I transitioned to marketing consulting and designing for friends, which turned into Goldleaf Creative.

Local Online Search Optimization Services

Is your business visible in local searches? If not, we're experts in getting your business found like it should be. We know exactly how to get your business and products and services found by Google and the major search engines. Contact us today for information.

Web Design

Contact us to discuss and receive a competitive quote for personal, business and e-commerce website design. See www.systemofstrategy.com for one of our latest site redesigns. We design with search engines in mind and are ready to assist with helping you get located in local searches.


Contact us now for a printing quote. We've worked with print projects for over 20 years. From business cards to binders, folders to stickers, direct mail to custom die-cuts and spot-UV coatings, we can help design and print your piece for maximum impact.

Product & Food Photography

Cell phone photos work great for social media, but professional photography sets you apart from the crowd. We work with a select group of trusted local photographers in the Central Valley.

Drone Aerial Video & Photography

We've teamed up with a student, woman-owned local business with a passion for capturing amazing drone footage of your business, your team, and more!
Businesses We Recommend
Dr. Rob is fantastic! I've referred at least a dozen friends and family members to Natural Health Center and Dr. Rob has done some amazing things for them through natural health. Dr. Rob has helped me in so many ways - from energy levels to better sleep!
Excellent service and expert knowledge!
I have been a client of Coleman & Horowitt, LLP since around 2012. Their attorneys are second to none. I have heard it said that if you are going to look for a professional, find out who is in the top 2% of their field and start there. I was lucky enough to find the attorneys at Coleman & Horowitt. They offer a large practice with offices in the Central Valley and into Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and more. Despite having a large firm, the attorneys I have dealt with were incredibly personable, friendly, and understanding. I received excellent first class representation from people who know what they're doing. I can't recommend them enough.
Finally, a great mobile coffee bar in the Fresno area! Excited to book you guys for client events.

Highly Recommended

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Randy George from Goldleaf Creative
Randy George