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About Us

We are located in Fresno but do business nationally.

We lower your costs of advertising using a trio of non traditional methods. Plus we offer the best Legal and ID protection.

It's a jungle out there you need protection, see the 101 reasons you can use LegalShield..Vince



Pizza Box Advertising using our national partners Domino's, Pizza Hut and Papa John's nationwide works great for 1/10th the cost of direct mail.

Door Hanger Campaigns work great bypassing the crowed mailbox and posting your billboard on their front door for half the cost of direct mail and 50% better response. We print and deliver nationwide and provide GPS reports and photos for verification so you know they got delivered and not dumped in the trash. Call us today 949-742-9500 visit www.DuranAds.com

How We Got Started

By 1978 I had learned what I needed from the corporate world and made the decision to run my own company. Obviously, since then I have received a boatload of experience that help my clients marketing efforts.

Our Ideal Customer

We offer Legal and ID protection. It's a jungle out there you need protection, see the 101 reasons you can use LegalShield..Vince



Plus our advertising and marketing business can help your business get new clients and more revenue from existing ones. See www.DuranAds.com

Our Team
Vince Duran from Vince Duran
Vince Duran
top dog, sometimes the fire hydrant
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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This may be the most enlightening thing you will have read in the last 10 years. Vince Duran The Exponential Age? Just a few things for us all to ponder, especially the younger ones amongst us. Did you think back in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on...
Products & Services

LegalShield for you, your family, your business... lawyer up cheap

https://www.slideshare.net/VINCEDURAN/250hr-for... You cannot afford to have this because we live in a litigious society that is ready to sue you at any given moment with or without cause. As they say we could indict a ham sandwich. Remember the...

Pizza Box Advertising

See this link for more info http://www.duranads.com/pizza-box-ads/ Vince Duran 949-742-9500 Do you use direct mail/marketing? Are you looking for something more for less money? Are you tired of watching your dollars going down the drain for bad addresses. Are you tired of higher and higher...

Printing and Delivery of Door Hangers Nationwide

See this link for more info http://www.duranads.com/door-hangers/ Vince Duran 949-742-9500 Do you use direct mail/marketing? Are you looking for something more for less money? Are you tired of watching your dollars going down the drain for bad addresses. Are you tired of higher and higher...

It's a jungle out there, you need this legal protection

We can protect you and your family and your business from Identity theft and legal issues for mere pennies per day. contact me for details. Vince Duran 949-742-9500 or advertise@DuranAds.com https://www.legalshield.com/hub/vinceduran IDShield protects you against identity theft that occurs...

Smart Text Marketing

Changeover from email to Smart Texting to your customers smart phones for increased revenues 98% of text messages are opened within three minutes and they have a 8-10% response rate. use this link to see short slide show ...
Businesses We Recommend
Mark Knows his business and is a great resource so call him for help. Vince Duran www.DuranAds.com
great Papa John's franchisee, order the better pizza today
Went to school with Larry, he is a great guy.
Jim Page is very knowledgeable and great to work with... Vince
Markethive, even the name is cool
good outfit, easy to deal with
Paul is great and this is a great venue to use in OC
Ray is a good guy in a tough business. Give him a chance to prove himself.
great stores
great agent
Julie and Omnific are a great team so if you need their help I can recommend them Vince Duran
Bob is very knowledgeable and easy to do business with. Vince
Closets by Design have an extensive variety of ways to help make your life organized and relieve the stress of what am I going to wear...
Art tells your story and placing it on the web will get it seen. JoAnn can help you with these.
Mike is great to deal with and lots of experience Vince
Past Events & Promotions
Come see how we are disrupting the legal profession much like Uber did Taxi's and Netflix did Blockbuster. Call me AT 949-742-9500 to reserve a seat and any guests you wish to bring with you. Registration at 645 with the presentation starting at 7 pm. Everyone deserves legal protection. At...
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As Johnny Carson said... I am humbled by the applause. Vince Duran Receives 2017 Fresno Award Fresno Award Program Honors the Achievement FRESNO June 1, 2017 -- Vince Duran has been selected for the 2017 Fresno Award in the Business Services category by the Fresno Award Program. Each...
Join us... https://www.eventbrite.com/e/duran-mixsix-for-j... Great event to meet and network with other local businesses. This is our 3rd event and the crowds are getting bigger with each event. Don't delay get your tickets now and save $5. We are not promoting at...
Top Forum Activity
Vince Duran answered What Is Your Best Source for New Leads?
3 months ago • 1 Like
Scott it looks like you are doing payroll services which was different than I thought because of your company name. I thought you were an employment agency. Nonetheless, the suggestion I have for... (more)
Vince Duran answered (Market Research) What Is The Best Way To Market To...
3 months ago • 1 Like
Anybody ever hear of golf or lunch? Invite them to a round of golf at the local country club and get to know them so that you can address their real needs. Another way is to offer to bring in pizza... (more)
Vince Duran answered Marketers, How Contemporary Should My Company Website Be...
3 months ago • 1 Like
While it is good to be new and clever it can be a reason for traditional businesses to shy away. A case in point, your logo is very clever graphically but it takes time to figure it out. I suggest... (more)
Vince Duran answered Are You Still Making Phone Calls To Customers Or Are You...
3 months ago • 1 Like
In the case of the travel agent, they are correct in getting a personal touch and using email for a record. However for turning offers into viable business texting is great... we have 10000+... (more)
Vince Duran reviewed How Likely Are You To Recommend Chase Bank To Other...
3 months ago • 1 Like
After 17 years of loyalty they have closed all my accounts because of a fraud that was perpetuated on myself and Chase. They chose to close my accounts and are billing me for $36000. This was a... (more)
Vince Duran replied to How To Actually Generate Customers On Professional...
2 months ago • 1 Like • 1 Reply
good article and suggestion to check SSI score. I was unaware this was available. Turns out I am doing something right because i had a 78% and, top 1% and 2$ in categories. Made me feel better... (more)
Vince Duran answered What Is the Best Way For Inspectors to Meet Realtors That...
about 1 month ago
Realtors will come anywhere to meet and eat so put out a spread and invitation but not to your office, rent a conference room to keep it neutral. Offer them something to take away like a contest or... (more)
Vince Duran answered What Do You Think About Direct Mail Marketing?
2 months ago
JoshuaWe deal mainly with B2C but i can offer you the following. Direct Mail does work as the comment say but it needs to be narrowly defined and target list because the cost is prohibitive and... (more)
Vince Duran asked How Much of Your Ad Budget Do You Allot to These Items?
3 months ago • 10 Likes • 9 Replies
Please complete and return in comments, thanks% to direct mail% to email campaigns% to media - radio/tv% to yellow pages, is this still alive% to social media ... pay for click, etc% to door hanger... (more)
Vince Duran answered Do You Consider Yourself an Expert in a B2B vs. B2C?
3 months ago
Interesting question. Actually, I do both, I sell my services to businesses so that they can sell their services to consumers. So I have to know both ends of the puzzle to male it work for all... (more)
Vince Duran answered Does Having a Website Help Increase Your Lead Generation...
3 months ago
By all means, I do business nationwide and have clients that I have never met all over the USA. They come via the web site. They may visit the web from a posting like this one or on LinkedIn but... (more)
Vince Duran answered What Is Your General Approach to a Great Cold Call?
3 months ago
Years ago when I trained sales people the common mistake was to walk in the door and drop off brochures and a business card then leave as fast as you could. That way you could tell the manager you... (more)
Vince Duran answered How Do I Get Rid of "Safari" as My Default Search Engine?
3 months ago
Gentlemen thank you all for your answers. I have already done this but when you click a link in an email it defaults to Safari and most times it comes back unable to connect because your phone is... (more)

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