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About Us

We follow the Word of God. No Association, Denomination, or Politics. We invite everybody, Love Everybody, and want to show everybody what the Word of God says. Open to face to face, phone, text, or email messages. Jesus came into the world, not to Judge, but to give us more life.

Our Ideal Customer

Anybody who wants more life or Christians who want to be married.

Worship, Praise, Prayer, Bible Study, Family Support, Weddings, Dedications, Funerals

Our Team
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Pastor Jay Randolph
Products & Services

All Church and Minister Services are Free

Our time belongs to God, so there is no charge for services such as Funerals, Weddings, Baptism, or Couples Support
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Past Events & Promotions
Hello, Pastor Jay and his wife are new to Georgetown and would like to meet the members of Alignable who are in the area. I invite you to join us @ the Georgetown Dunkin Donuts March 23 @ 8 am
There are over 25 holidays through the year. However December is about CHRISTMAS ! ! Christmas Gifts, Christmas Music, Christmas Trees, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Cards, Christmas Dinner Now till Christmas, greet everyone with MERRY CHRISTMAS
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