Our Ideal Customer

Anybody who wants more life or Christians who want to be married.

Worship, Praise, Prayer, Bible Study, Family Support, Weddings, Dedications, Funerals

About Us

We follow the Word of God. No Association, Denomination, or Politics. We invite everybody, Love Everybody, and want to show everybody what the Word of God says. Open to face to face, phone, text, or email messages. Jesus came into the world, not to Judge, but to give us more life.

How We Got Started

We want to share the life and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who as the Son of God, offers you more life.

All Church and Minister Services are Free

Our time belongs to God, so there is no charge for services such as Funerals, Weddings, Baptism, or Couples Support


We visit those who have not been to church or request a visit on Tuesday and Thuresday

National Prayer Day

1st of the Month at 6 pm we pray for our Nation and for the World

Monday Street Ministry

6 am to 8 am on Mondays we greet everyone and offer free hugs, prayers, Bibles, or just good conversation.

Community Dinner

Join Pastor Jay and his wife Debbie for Dinner on Wednesday at 6 pm

Be Our Friend

Sometimes you need a special friend to share things with. Contact Pastor Jay at our_daily_prayer@yahoo.com

Weddings, Funerals, and Special Services

Pastor Jay looks forward to providing any service which may be helpful to you
Businesses We Recommend
I had not been stopped by a police officer in over 9 years. The 1st 6 months in Georgetown, I was stopped 3 times. Each time the officer talked to us very professionally and friendly. Also, in Massachusetts, you have to be licensed to carry a firearm. Everyone I dealt with was Professional, Friendly, and very helpful. I am glad to live in a town with top quality Police Officers
Susan has a quite, private office and she seems to be not only knowledgeable, but professional, and friendly.
The waiting room is not the most inviting, but they do great work and all seem very knowledgeable
Our Team
Pastor Jay  Randolph from SCWC Home Church
Pastor Jay Randolph