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About Us

Infinitum, Inc. has established itself as one of the most important in its share of the market. Since our inception, we have been developing our knowledge to reach more clients, and to satisfy more of their financial needs. We do this with some standardization, but by no means ceasing to create exclusivity.

Infinitum, Inc. responds to a need created by the business public, expressed in finding unique and exclusive financial services, that with the expansion of the Internet, develops naturally the possibility of an international scope. Our goal is to guide our clients by providing the best financing options available. We can assure the election of original financial products and personalized ideas for our clients' needs, thanks to an extensive network of lenders, financial products, and the best advice of our experienced team...

How We Got Started

We found a special need for alternative Credit and lending mediums for small to medium business owners. As entrepreneurs of many related crafts, we have built solid relationships and systems to eradicate this need and help the backbone of this country, the small business, grow exponentially.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is any and every business and its owner.

Our Team
Erika Ryles from Infinitum, Inc.
Erika Ryles
Upcoming Events & Promotions
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We offer various business credit building opportunities and tools for every budget. We help businesses become credible and "fundable". Establishing good business credit is just as important as establishing good personal credit. Without either, it is pretty difficult to move forward in life. So,...
Products & Services

Asset Management

Protect your business and yourself from liabilities.

Business Credit Solutions

Learn more about what we can do to help you establish your business's credit history. -Business Credit Building (step-by-step) -Business Tradelines -We work with all the major business credit bureaus

Commercial Funding

From construction loans to commercial real estate and multi-family financing solutions, and everything in between.
Past Events & Promotions
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It seems we have lost our minds from the excitement of our new business credit builder program but we also want you to keep more money in your pocket. We are offering 50% off of the full price of our business credit builder program or one free payment if payment plan is selected and 15% off our...
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We offer business credit packages that are beneficial to any company that is looking to build a solid profile to obtain larger funding to grow your business. It is back to school time so for the month of September we are offering 15% off of our packages. Follow us on Twitter @InfinitumInc1 or...