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About Us

Owner Juniques Marketing www.jusmcc.org

Providing resources for small and home based owner/operators for 30 years.

Identify and research newly emerging companies and industries for service value enhancement.

Review marketing and promotional strategies for business owners.

Leader in Connecting Multi Cultural Communities.

Leader in Culture to Culture marketing

Specialist on No Rejection Marketing

Specialties:Extensive involvement with branding, product marketing and promoting, strategy development for client acquisition and retention, overall assessment of company internal and external assets. Review, Assess, and Recommend marketing and promotional strategy enhancements.

Owner Juniques Multi Cultural Connections www.jusmcc.net

specializing in assisting business generate commerce from the $11.8 Trillion multi cultural communities.

How We Got Started

business owners were missing a very lucrative consumer market

Our Ideal Customer

People who enjoy drinking premium wines and networking with other like minded people.

Our Team
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Juniques Marketing
Products & Services

Multi Cultural Connections Membership

Get free membership to Juniques MCC community. share what you do!!! go to http://www.jusmcc.net


Get your FREE AD and Global Distribution http://cps.jusmcc.org

How to send your Kids to College and NOT go Broke!

Juniques is proud to offer the service of College Money Pro. Dan Evertz is a renown speaker on the subject of saving big dollars from college cost. Contact me at juniques@jusmcc.org or call 623 455 6364 to set up a phone appointment

Glendale Business Group at JMCC

http://gb.jusmcc.org Glendale Business Group at JMCC. A online promotional resource for Glendale Business Owner and Leaders. No cost!

Give Your Dog a Monthly Treat Package

http://pets.jusmcc.org This is treat for Pet Parents with dogs. Now your favorite pet can get a monthly treat package starting at $20.


I have found this lead capturing system to be highly effective and very affordable. http://stiforp.jusmcc.org

$10 per year Dating Service

This will revolutionize the dating service industry. Set up your free profile today http://rainingdates.jusmcc.net

Radio Advertising Gospel Musical Review Phoenix AZ

view this video https://youtu.be/SSek9otXd9o Get your message broadcased to the Metro Cities (over 25) of Maricopa County AZ. Reach your audience for exceptionally low advertising cost. $30 for 60 second. Great opp for business wanting to enter the Phoenix AZ market and for Businesses...

Quality Premium Wines from around the globe

http://wineclub.jusmcc.net Now providing quality premium wines from around the globe. Direct door delivery, discount pricing, wine tastings, and financial incentives. yes, you get this wine for free.
Businesses We Recommend
many years ago I operated a legal document copying company and I use BCX on many occassions. Their work was always done right the first time. The legal industry has many people who have to have their work done right. BCX helped us meet that requirement.
This is great place to improve your body, physically and mentally. The owner is a true professional and will work with you every step of the way!! Lots of dance variety!!
Glenn delivers. Best 1st class postage and 3rd class postage direct mail company. Low cost ads. Dependable. Help anyone expand their contacts, profits, and online and offline list
Past Events & Promotions
How are your subject lines working to capture the attention and interest of your audience? This fast-paced seminar will take a deeper dive into the mechanics of truly effective subject lines. We’ll cover: The three keys that make or break your subject line What works – and what does NOT work –...
Juniques introduces the wine club (http://wineclub.jusmcc.net) that is sweeping the USA. Free wine, discount pricing, no shipping, direct door delivery, and financial incentives I will be doing wine tasting around the valley. Yes you are invited
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www.gospelmusicalregview.com is hosting the live radio broadcast on Sundays at 7:30AM on KXEG1280AM sharing urban gospel music, local talents, local businesses, and community happenings

Highly Recommended

By 5+ Local Business Owners!
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