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Integrative Therapeutic Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Specializing in Neck/TMJ, Rehabilitative Massage and BodyWork as a Lifestyle. I've been in the massage arena for a very long time and have learned a lot on how to heal the body.

When you come to Embodiwork Studio, you feel the right place to relax your muscles and forget all day worries. Being fully certified and years of experience in the same area, our Embodiwork massage therapists in golden co are going to invite you at our most warmth place to revive your life. The friendly ambiance all around, strength your inner soul to enter into a calm world of tranquility.

Embodiwork Interactive Massage Therapy Studio

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How We Got Started

Today's life is too hard and occupied to stay healthy. Anxiety, Depression are the normal yet significant issues, 40 million grown-ups in the United States age 18 or above are encountering. It generally turns out to be 18% of aggregate America populace.Relax! These issues are treatable. There are various Psychological treatments and Medical treatments, yet the ideal way out is to experience massage therapy golden co without no side effect.

Massage Therapy

Welcome to Embodiwork Interactive Massage Studio in Golden CO, A place where all your pressure and injury will have a healthy end. With a goal of rejuvenation, I Shalene Zarate, Founder of Embodiwork needs to exhibit my forte in treating Neck and TMJ zones through a combination of techniques...
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Shalene Zarate from Embodiwork Studio for Integrative Massage
Shalene Zarate