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About Us

What we say, how we say things, and how we feel in conversation have direct impact on those we would like to know, do business with, and inspire. Many of us do not feel confident, enthusiastic, or connected in conversation and that has a direct impact on our social and business relationships, and ultimately, our success.

At Great People Skills we teach two key techniques that transform how you relate to people, how you feel in conversation, and help you to feel more confident, comfortable, interested, and open when speaking and listening. (who would NOT want to feel less stressed and pressured when they talk to people)?

We offer community Networking Events, and Weekend Workshops that are guaranteed to improve your Great People Skills. We offer our workshop graduates a variety of opportunities to continue their growth through weekly Skill-Lock Practice (to keep exercising your conversation muscle), and Private Training to allow you to improve your skills at lightening speed.

If you are interested in learning more, having a personal introduction to see if it is a good fit for you, your team, or organization, call me to schedule 561.693.7447

How We Got Started

Our interpersonal skills impact the level of fulfillment we experience in our relationships and our lives. We communicate our wants and needs, and the more effectively we do, the more likely we are to get what we want. I am inspired to support others in improving their skills so they can experience more of what they want in their business and professional lives.

Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal clients are companies, teams, and individuals that value relationships, connection, and want to improve their social and business communication skills. They are people who know that feeling more confident, being a better listener, and enjoying talking to people will improve their personal and business lives.

Our Team
Penny Polokoff-Kreps from Great People Skills
Penny Polokoff-Kreps
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We provide workshops and skill building using two key techniques that transform the way we communicate and feel in conversations. If you would like to feel more confident, comfortable, and connected when you speak to people (new and familiar). www.greatpeopleskills.net We are on Facebook...
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