Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer is really anyone who is looking to learn more about the endo-cannabinoids in medical cannabis, get involved with the medical cannabis industry, educate / advocate in the community to help reduce the long-held stigma against cannabis.

We are particularly interested in meeting those who work in healthcare fields or "MRB" (marijuana related business) organizations - security, CBD products, finances, architectural / building design, insurance, etc.

I look forward to aligning with you in the future! :-)

About Us

I am the women's group coordinator for the PA Cannabis Association. We seek to build a community of women leaders and advocates on the benefits of medical cannabis in PA.

Why should you connect with us?

1) There will be a LOT to learn whenever Jan. 2018 hits and the medical cannabis programs in PA go in to full effect.

2) There is already a lot to learn about what is legal & beneficial RIGHT NOW such as CBD Oils and hemp products. Lives are being saved, and we'd love to tell you all about the positive changes happening in our local community (reduction of opioid abuse, pain treatments, etc.)

3) We're your neighbor in the community and we'd love to meet you and see how we may be able to partner on local community events!

How We Got Started

Rick DiMarco started the PA Cannabis Association in 2016 after the medical marijuana law passed in Pennsylvania. In May of 2017, I joined as a volunteer for the organization to help with educating the community - and women especially - about the business and benefits of medical cannabis in PA.

Businesses We Recommend
Rick is a great networker, bright spirit, and is always focused on doing the right thing for all parties involved and is open to meeting new people and partners to help grow his association & its offerings.
Our Team
Heather Broman from Pennsylvania Cannabis Association
Heather Broman
Women's Group Coordinator