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“ Nothing can bridge a gap in business more than sharing a language, or finding a medium in which to understand each other. That's why Marie is so in... ”
Written Jul 19, 2017

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Perry Stevenson Orthodontics
Instead of bending orthodontic archwires by hand, your archwires will be custom-shaped using state-of-the-art robotic technology. This means that your teeth begin moving directly towards the prescribed position after the archwire is inserted. You'll see great results in a shorter treatment time...

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Amanda Campy from Visual Impressions Photography
Amanda Campy from Visual Impressions Photography answered:
There is a lot of great information here and I'd like to add to what has already been said since I think you very much need to have portfolio work etc. I have been in business for 17 years and work 95% from word of mouth. My work speaks for itself but I find that my clients add a personal touch. They can speak to your personality, your work eth... (more)

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Ginger Frost from Angeltrails
Ginger Frost from Angeltrails wrote:
Clients who seek me out are in the process of making life changing decisions in, work, carrier, family, relationships, finances and health. We assist with information directly from guides and angels as well as intuitive information. Those who live an open spiritual life find comfort here. (more)

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Justin Miller from Agility Computers
Justin Miller from Agility Computers
Gresham OR • Speciality Retail
We are a complete technology solutions provider. Computers, web design, networking, security cameras and much more. We are a local company dedicated to providing a high level of service to our clients.
Joined on Aug 09, 2017

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