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People who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD and who have suffered sexual abuse. Also people interested in a more spiritual approach to horsemanship - so they can improve their relationship with their horse and move ahead with life in general.

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I feel I have a lot to contribute with connecting mind and body, and adding to communication skills. I also would like to help youth with bullying, and to help people going through divorce, or who have gone through divorce - cope withe grieving process. It's all about spreading the love and deep connections.

Classical Equitation Riding lessons and Personal Development workshops

I am a Certified CHA Level 2 coach with 35 plus years of teaching experience. I am also a Spiritual Life Coach and I have incoporated my life experiences into a program for personal development called the Wisdom of the Herd.
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I've used Reiki treatments in my life and they really are amazing for healing!

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Ann Turner from Wisdom of the Herd
Ann Turner