Our Ideal Customer

Millennial and baby Boomers as well as seniors and lower & moderate income families.

About Us

SIG* Is a diversified distressed Commercial Real Estate Investments group.Which Buys and Hold as well as

Resell and Lease properties globally. SIG has an new division, which is Equity Mogul REI Income Fund, LLC. Which acquires and owned as well as buys and develop as well as rehabilitates and rents and sell Multifamily, Small Apartments and Commercial Properties. In Addition, it's develops Single Family Housing and Affordable Housing throughout the Southeast and Deep South.

How We Got Started

To create Housing that removes blight and sole eyes within such communities and make Housing more available to all types of residents. To rehabilitate commercial & residential properties to create jobs.

In Addition, it's to develop and redevelop Communities and Neighborhoods that lack affordable housing and to provide an adequate supply of affordable housing and homes for lower income families and persons. To develop new tiny homes communities for the homeless population and create jobs for the homeless to maintain themselves and provide them an fresh start.

Real Estate Investing and wholesale

SIG is an Real Estate Investing Company .owns and manage as well as buys ugly houses and vacant/abandoned houses and Multifamily Complexes . Rehabs and Fix/Flips. Renovate properties.
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Larry McCullar from Sunbelt Investment Group, LLC.
Larry McCullar