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About Us

Residential Home Inspections, Wind mitigation inspections, 4 point insurance inspections.

We also do second opinion inspections and will review any report you might have a question on. All of your inspections include a permit search. We try to be as accurate as possible.

How We Got Started

This is one of the most rewarding industries and you can be your own boss.

Our Ideal Customer

Home owners, home buyers, home sellers, insurance agents, real estate agents, real estate attorneys, title companies, mortgage companies

Our Team
Bill Siegel from Florida Home Inspection Team Inc.
Bill Siegel
Products & Services

wind mitigation inspection

Let us help your client try and save money with a properly completed wind mitigation inspection. Give us a call at 305-490-2513 (Florida Home Inspection Team Inc.)

4-point insurance inspection

This inspection will be needed by most homeowners and home buyers who want to insurance a home 20 years or older

Full Home Inspection

Whether buying or selling, a home inspection is a vital part of the process. We can help you understand any potential problems with your home. As a seller they can be fixed prior to putting the home on the market. As a buyer, you will have an overall idea of repairs and maintenance that are needed.
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Insurance inspections. Normally $125 each. This month only. $95 for one or $150 for both the 4-point and wind mitigation.
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Try a pre-sale inspection to make your transaction go smoother. This will: Improve the success of the Sale Help sellers control negotiation Manage pre-existing problems Smoother close Shorten escrow With this inspection you will know of any problems that need to be addressed prior to...