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About Us

Our food is a reflection of the values of everyone at FRESH KITCHEN.

Everyday, we make fresh food that people want to put in their bodies.

All of our sauces, dressings, produce and meats are prepared daily on site.

It doesn't come in plastic bags, and we never add anything artificial, phony, or fake--just natural, delicious ingredients.

How We Got Started

For years, I served hot dogs, beer, pretzels, etc. to my guests at various arenas, convention centers and stadiums. At the same time, we prepared healthy, great-tasting food at home. Our goal with Fresh Kitchen is to give our guests that same great food that we prepare at home!

Our Team
Scott Cieplinski from Fresh Kitchen
Scott Cieplinski
Products & Services


From drop off to full service catering, Fresh Kitchen has you covered. We bring the same great tasting, healthy fare that we serve at the restaurant to your venue.

Lunch and Dinner

We offer Sandwiches, Salads and our build-your-own entrée, the Power Bowl! All the freshest, local ingredients that we can find go into our dishes. Clean food is at the Heart of our meals. If you eat Paleo, are Gluten Free, follow the Zone Diet, or follow Whole30, Fresh Kitchen is the...

Meal Prep

We know you're busy, and we have the solution! Whether you are trying to Lose Weight, Gain Weight, or Maintain Weight, Fresh Kitchen's Meal Prep program creates meals customized for your specific dietary needs and body goals. Meals are prepared in 5-packs, making it easy for you to plan...
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Place your catering order and receive a FREE Chef's Choice Dessert Platter! Minimum order of $100.00 Not valid with any other offers or specials. One (1) platter per order. Offer expires August 31, 2016.

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