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From family reunions to nation wide corporations, we have all of the products and expertise to make your group look fantastic. We help families, individuals, start up's, small businesses and nation wide corporations.

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With a mission of maintaining excellent customer service standards along with providing a high quality product, Special T is well known to many clients not only as an establishment that pays close attention to detail, but a place which maintains a people to people comfortable atmosphere which keeps them coming back. Many of Special T's employees have been with the company over 42 years and their loyalty reflects the caring and dedicated nature and pride of ownership of Lou and Carmen Baldo.

We've been "Covering Your Company to a "T" for over 42 years and plan to keep pleasing our clients for years to come!

How We Got Started

As with any success story, there is a humble beginning. Special T Unlimited got it's start back in 1975 after "T-shirt guy" Lou Baldo emerged from the garage of his Broadview, Illinois home based printing operation and along with brother Carmen Baldo launched into what is today one of the premier screen printing, embroidery and promotional products companies in the Chicagoland area.


Embroidery is sewn designs or text into fabrics with a needle. We require that a "new" embroidery design be sewn on at least 12 pieces for your initial order. That could be one dozen hats, or a combination of 12 flat pieces made up of shirts, jackets, windshirts, pants, etc. Reorder minimums...

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the manual process of pressing ink into stencils made out of mesh screens. Every color and location requires its own screen We require that a new screen print design be printed on at least 12 pieces for your initial order. That could be a combination of shirts, hoodies, etc....
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