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Embroidery is sewn designs or text into fabrics with a needle. We require that a "new" embroidery design be sewn on at least 12 pieces for your initial order. That could be one dozen hats, or a combination of 12 flat pieces made up of shirts, jackets, windshirts, pants, etc. Reorder minimums are 6 pieces. Your design will always be on file with us, no matter when you reorder. The only time a fee is charged is when your design needs editing. Charges will be discussed with you at that time. We would prefer to receive vector artwork. Make sure that all fonts are outlined, or inform us as to what the font names are. Other acceptable forms of artwork would be a scan or close up of a photo of an existing embroidery design, a .jpg or a .pdf file. The exact size of a pre-existing design would be helpful information. Our general production time to complete your order is 7-10 business days. But, lead times could vary throughout the year. Your sales rep will inform you about the current production time.

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