Creating Resilience Annual Educational Conference
Saturday Oct 7th 9am-5:30pm
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COMING SOON REGISTRATION FOR OCTOBER 7, 2017 Now accepting presentation proposals for the 2nd annual creating resilience one day conference.ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: Our annual conference is an essential event that is specifically for those struggling with abuse trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorders, especially those with DID, loved ones of people with dissociative disorders and health professionals who currently treat dissociative clients or would like to learn more about dissociative identity disorder. Please go to http://www.diddiscoveringhope.org/blog/ for more detail information PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS
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DID- Dissociation Identity Disorder is a copying skill developed from childhood when repeated abuse is occurring. DID Discovering Hope is a nonprofit through Underground Network as a 503(c)(3).... (more)