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The Conceal and Carry Network (www.concealncarry.net) is a firearms industry national business directory. We are also a library of information that is both firearms related and conservative news based. Our conservative internet newsletter (NEWS tab) publishes twice daily for your reading enjoyment. Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/ConcealNCarryNt

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Businesses We Recommend
If you are looking for great country apparel and you want to find a huge selection and friendly services then go see Dana at Six Shooter Junction Boutique.
I manage this location
If you live in Illinois your options are somewhat limited regarding firearms. However, IFA is your go to source for everything firearms related. They fully support your 2nd Amendment rights and will take care of all of your firearm needs.
If you are looking for a new firearm ... Norman is a professional in the field and some you can trust on your next purchase.
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