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My ideal customer would be an author wanting a final edit for an article or book to be published, a business wanting editing on newsletters or articles, or business needing someone to write articles for them.

About Us

Jade Enterprises--Deborah K. Frontiera--is a free lance, award-winning author. Critique services and editing services offered, an well as writing.

Available for writing tutor as time permits. Visit website: www.authorsden.com/deborahkfrontiera

I do freelance editing of books, articles, etc. for an hourly rate and give prospective clients a binding estimate at the beginning based on the length of the work to be edited and how much work a piece needs. Critiquing is mainly on authors wanting feedback on manuscripts in progress--mostly books.

I can also write short pieces for businesses: articles, etc.


Line editing for manuscripts or other text for hourly rate. Contact for rates, etc.

Writing Service

Deborah can write articles for your web site featuring your business and other related writing. Visit her web site: www.authorsden.com/deborahkfrontiera Many articles and other post there demonstrate her writing style.
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Deborah Frontiera from Jade Enterprises, Houston TX
Deborah Frontiera