Co-branded marketing.. how big of a benefit is this for real estate agents?

By Erica Perkins · Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 · Tagged in Partner Marketing

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The word 'marketing' can be quite the swear word when your business starts getting busy. It is the first thing that gets pushed to the side while putting clients and their needs first. One saying that our team lives by is "Be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE". There will always come a time when deals close and business starts to slow down.. it is so important to always be building your business while you're closing business. However, marketing does takes time, money and creativity.

As a Client Concierge, I love the agents our team works with and we do our best to help them build their business! Co-branding is one their favorite ways we help out. Every mortgage company has different marketing guidelines to stay compliant with all the laws and regulations so make sure you talk details with your lender but generally speaking, if the project is 50% marketing the real estate agent and 50% marketing the lender, the cost is split half and half.

I'm curious.. how much of a benefit is this for real estate agents to let their lender take care of a co-branded marketing project from start to finish and then just sending you an invoice with your portion of the cost?

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