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Suggestions For Utilizing Facebook To Build Referrals?

Asked by Marcy Schacter from Make Healthy Taste Great

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Has anyone found a great system for automating referrals through a simpleFacebook page

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How To Actually Generate Customers On Professional Networks: Part 1

Asked by Julbert Abraham from AGM - LinkedIn Marketing & LinkedIn Training

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10 Actually Actionable Benefits Of List Building

Asked by Juan Manuel Colome from Top Response Marketing

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What is List Building all about?

List building refers to a continuous process of adding new and updated subscribers to your list.... Read Full Answer

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Celebrating Small And Locally-owned Businesses With Bill Brunelle of Independent We Stand

Asked by Alan Belniak from Alignable

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Today's special edition of the Local Business Stories by Alignable podcast highlights... Read Full Answer

How Can I Build A Better Medical Practice In This Insurance Game?

By Quentin Caswell APRN,MSN,FNP-C,RPSGT · Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 · Tagged in Insurance

Given higher deductibles, copay, out of pocket expenses, should I even consider taking insurance at all or accept a lower flat rate fee for service? What makes more sense to the consumer?

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Carisa Authier, PsyD from Carisa Authier, PsyD
2 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I have a psychotherapy practice and not a medical practice so not sure that this would work for all, but I chose not to take insurance. I know that cuts out some of the people I'll be able to serve but for me it's working. I'm not limited by diagnoses or time frames that insurance companies dictate and I find that my clients are more invested in their care because they are paying out of pocket. I have a couple of low fee slots, sliding scale, and full fee. I find that my full fee people help off-set the low fee ones. I'm not bogged down by paperwork or... (more)

Beth Raiola from ABA Therapy Services, LLC
1 Local Recommends Them • Replied on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hi there. Where are you located? I work with children with Autism, ADHD and anxiety; private insurance ONLY covers Autism in PA (for a BCBA). Other States, like Florida, include ADHD as ABA Therapy is for challenging behaviors. I incorporate play therapy when appropriate. I take private insurance and going throught the steps to take Medicaid, but already regretting that; not for the people...I LOVE them all, but due to the PAPERWORK...cost-reward ratio there is unmotivating.

I do find that with children with severe diagnoses such as Autism, the care requires... (more)

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David Martinez from Accurate Medical Billing & Audit
7 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just like any good realtor would say location, location, location. The same for practitioners, diversify, diversify, diversify. If anyone states you should be 100% cash practice. They are fools! The same for 100% insurance. One of the many keys to having a successful practice is having the best biller. A not so good biller (in-house or out-sourced) can destroy you. In addition to owning a successful medical billing company I teach Ethical Billing and Coding for the International Chiropractic Association of California for CEUs.

Quentin Caswell APRN,MSN,FNP-C,RPSGT from Advanced Practice Clinic
42 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We started as a cash clinic and then added insurance later. After a year of insurance we finally woke up and started looking at just those payers who acutally pay us and now we limit ourselves to only those payers who pay. Everyone else is offered a low cash pay rate for each visit. We then offer them a superbill to submit to their insurance themselves. We get paid immediately, the client has no hidden charges and we don;t have to pay a biller. We realize that we can't please them all and will lose some clients but this has not been a huge problem thus far.

David Martinez from Accurate Medical Billing & Audit
7 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

10,000 new people are becoming Medicare beneficiaries, daily. Giving a superbill to a Medicare beneficiary will not suffice, you must bill. Having a biller that knows the laws and regulations is the key. They can make the insurances do what they are suppose to do, pay the claim.

Quentin Caswell APRN,MSN,FNP-C,RPSGT from Advanced Practice Clinic
42 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I agree, not with Medicare. We accept Medicare and those private payers who actually pay us. Medicare has never been the problem its all the private payers.

Margaret Paddock from Margaret Paddock - Owner Ciati Notary Journal
0 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Friday, August 11, 2017

If you don't take insurance then your bookkeeping should be minimal and your payments immediate, of course. That being said you would have to set a specific price for each service or diagnostic test you do. This may open up a wider field for patients but you are going to need to advertise and make every cent for that well spent. As a doctor that takes insurance is going to be on a list of providers from insurance companies and that list is given to patients to choose from. A great website for your specific practice will help also. Now if you take insurance... (more)

Veronica Kelley from Any Lab Test Now
1 Local Recommends Them • Answered on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Here at Any Lab Test Now, we do not participate with insurances. Our clients are able to come into our office without a physicians order and purchase over 8,000 different lab test. Clients like the flexibility of being in control of their own health. Because we offer low flat rates, we have a high volume of repeat clients. Offering a lower flat rate fee for service does work well for clients, eliminates the huge paper trail.

Stacy Foust Renz from Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga of Central Florida @ Living Room Yoga, LLC
5 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Friday, May 26, 2017

I have no health insurance and need to Stay on top of a condition I have I would be interested in knowing more

Adam Schomer from ALPHABET Consultants, LLC
4 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Friday, May 19, 2017

This depends, but yes, you can always make a profitable medical practice regardless of the changes to insurance.

Truth is, depending on the demographics, you can benefit from various models provided, whether it is FFS, capitation (PMPM), self-pay, or even bundled payments. There are various avenues that can be exercised to ensure the practice is incredibly profittable. In addition to the operational concerns, it is important to understand the workflow and how to maximize your throughput process to ensure your revenue cycles are optimal.

I would recommend you... (more)

Michael Perryman from MVP Therapy
0 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Thursday, May 18, 2017

I can't really give you the answers to your question as to whats right for you, however for me and my practice. I am a cash only practice. As you said, with the super high deductibles, high copays, and on top of that, still having to pay out of pocket for other expenses. People are essentially paying out of pocket even when going through the insurance. The other advantage of not using insurances, is that you and your patients are not subject to the restrictions, wether it be on plan of care or procedures you and your patient's feel are necessary, that... (more)

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