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How To Actually Generate Customers On Professional Networks: Part 1

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10 Actually Actionable Benefits Of List Building

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Celebrating Small And Locally-owned Businesses With Bill Brunelle of Independent We Stand

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If You Think Print Is Dead, You're Wrong

By Juan Manuel Colome · Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 · Tagged in Online Marketing

As digital platforms continue to grow in popularity, many of those who previously believed that digital would replace print are coming to recognize a new reality. It is not digital OR print rather, it is digital AND print.

One of the primary reasons for this is that print provides a very different experience than digital.

As Nicolas Brown stated in an article about millennials and print, "The more our lives are influenced by digital media, the more we are drawn to print as a retreat from online space."

Before you decide to abandon your direct mail efforts and physical advertisements, understand that there is still a place for them in modern marketing and sales.

What Makes Print Appealing?
This, of course, raises the question: what is it about print that makes it a "retreat"? The answer is that print is an enjoyable experience. It's tactile. It's immersive. It requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than reading on a screen. In fact, in our fast-paced world, print is now regarded as luxurious and indulgent.

Pop-up ads, flashing banners and other intrusive forms of advertising make screen-based reading at many websites an unpleasant experience. And with hundreds of emails vying for attention in the inbox, many people spend very little time reading (or deleting!) each one.

The following materials can be read and enjoyed at a slower pace:

  • books
  • magazines
  • postcards
  • brochures
  • catalogs
  • other printed materials

The best part? These materials come without the distractions of intrusive advertising or the stress and pressure of a full email inbox.

Print and Digital Are Different
As advertisers in "high luxury" categories such as fashion and jewelry have discovered, it's very hard to reproduce the physical allure of a magazine in a digital platform. There's just something about "the sheen of the paper, the way that the ink sits on the page, the smell of money and desire that wafts off the page," explains Nicholas Coleridge, international president of Vogue.3

Print is such a comfortable and enjoyable experience that it is trusted, savored, shared, dog-eared and displayed … a welcome respite from the hectic pace of the digital world.

Most Engaging Comment

Patrick Healy from Phacient
10 Locals Recommend Them • Posted on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Amen, depending on the business, just about any medium can be applicable. I love how everyone is obsessed with the internet to the point that they forget about everything else. Print, direct mail, email, flyers being handed out on a corner, doorknocking and the like are all valid methods of getting customers.

Truth be told, there are plenty of businesses that really don't translate on the internet and thrive through print. You just have to do the homework to figure out what applies to your business.

Juan Manuel Colome from Top Response Marketing
6 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Thursday, January 5, 2017

Good stuff Patrick - Thanks for your input.

Monty C. Ritchings from SWR Marketing Inc dba South Fraser Digital Media
15 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Thursday, January 5, 2017

I absolutely agree with your perception. The key to successful marketing is being flexible and knowing both your market and your objectives. As owner of an Indoor Billboard business I am focussed on the digital market, however, as a long time business person, I do not expect my clients to only rely on my medium as it is only one vehicle for getting the message out. The trick is to get all the media to work together and tell the same message.

Mike Weatherly from Complete Interactive Technologies,Inc.
1 Local Recommends Them • Replied on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I fully agree. Everyone's needs are different and I agree print is not dead. It depends on the business and the mix of digital and printed. Let's face it is all about timing.

Tom Cullen from Tucker Tek Inc.
5 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Print will always have its place for marketing and advertising. When you can mix print with online media, you have double the chances of reaching your goals and focusing on the target market of which you want to acquire.

There are literally millions of people trying to use social networks, professional networks, and online groups to establish their presence and develop new business. This works for the most part, but people are losing site on establishing the relationship and seem to be more focused on what their competition is doing or how they can market... (more)

Holly deBack from Marketing Solutions By Holly
8 Locals Recommend Them • Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017

I agree 100%. I also read something that said anything that can appeal to more than one sense is also very effective. Print you can see, hold/feel and smell. Thus it appeals to more than one sense. You can also take it and leave it places much easier than digital thus getting it more easily recognized.

Jason Huddle from Cabarrus Magazine
21 Locals Recommend Them • Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

If print is dead, how come my magazine had a 26% increase in sales from 2015 to 2016? And how come we had our highest sales total since 2008? Print isn't dead. The problem is that marketing execs entering the market have been brainwashed to think this, so they don't even consider it for their marketing plans. Shame.

John MacKinnon from MacKinnon Printing Co. Inc.
5 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Well said! I think people are pushed to one end of the spectrum instead of considering what else could be effective in THEIR marketing efforts.

David Hebert from Results Certain
1 Local Recommends Them • Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The most touches a prospect has with your company the most chances you have to convert them to a client, there is so much you can do with print media why would anyone think it is dead? Marketing is a system by which you seek qualified prospect to place in your pipeline / funnel to convert to a client, this system needs to have several types of media that integrate as one to create predictable results. No one form of media will always work best, it is the combination of all of them working together pushing people take action that creates a winning marketing... (more)

John MacKinnon from MacKinnon Printing Co. Inc.
5 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Yes, "Touches" are very important. There is such a wide spectrum of media available to reach potential clients. Use a combination of "Touches" that have the best chance to be effective. I like to educate my clients in the fact that, if you want to let your clients or potential clients know you have added a new product to your product line, print mail can be a very effective way to drive them to your website to learn about the new product... and the rest of your product line. This is especially true if you know a potential client is right for your product or... (more)

Dan Mcintire from AllDay Painting
0 Locals Recommend Them • Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I have found print (yellowpages and newspaper) reach a good demographic. I am also have a great ranking online. Print works best in season. These people usually have money and are more established and are 40 and up. Service industries work best. You should put all fishing poles out everywhere to catch best customers. I have found internet and print to be people who want to buy. Everything else I do is branding.

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