Introducing Alignable's SMB Trust Index℠

By Eric Groves · Posted on Thursday, February 18, 2016 · Tagged in SMBI

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Alignable created the SMB Trust Index℠ to provide the SMB industry with a data-driven analysis of small business owner sentiment towards products and services.

For the first time ever, companies can benchmark their NPS to competitors and others in the industry and ascertain how small businesses are learning from each other within their trusted network. Democratizing access to this data will enable both SMBs and brands to gather actionable insights to make decisions more efficiently and ultimately lead to greater success.

SMB Trust Index

View the SMB Trust Index By Clicking Here or the Image

Many experts and executives in the industry have told us this data will be incredibly valuable going forward:

"The availability of NPS data about local marketing providers will impact how business owners make buying decisions. That in turn could radically affect how brands act in the market." - Greg Sterling, VP of Strategy for The LSA

If you are interested in receiving this data in advance, fill out the contact form to the right or bottom of this page.

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