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Suggestions For Utilizing Facebook To Build Referrals?

Asked by Marcy Schacter from Make Healthy Taste Great

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Has anyone found a great system for automating referrals through a simpleFacebook page

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How To Actually Generate Customers On Professional Networks: Part 1

Asked by Julbert Abraham from AGM - LinkedIn Marketing & LinkedIn Training

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10 Actually Actionable Benefits Of List Building

Asked by Juan Manuel Colome from Top Response Marketing

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What is List Building all about?

List building refers to a continuous process of adding new and updated subscribers to your list.... Read Full Answer

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Celebrating Small And Locally-owned Businesses With Bill Brunelle of Independent We Stand

Asked by Alan Belniak from Alignable

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Experience Accepting Payment for Blog Posts?

By Anita Perry · Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 · Tagged in Online Marketing

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Can someone help me? I have been approached to host an article on my website. The person who sent me the article is willing to pay me for hosting it. The article is very good and in keeping with my other blog posts antennas are up because the contact person is from the UK and they want to pay me using Paypal. Have any of you had experience with this? Is this legit?

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Natalie Gallagher from Virtually Nat | Digital Entrepreneur
5 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Thursday, May 18, 2017

I don't have any experience with this, but the two things you mention as flags, are not flags to me at all. UK and PayPal seem pretty reasonable to me. Paying influencers are pretty standard too―are you an influencer? More interesting to me would be investigating who they are, what they want to post, how they found you, do they have their own web presence? Do they have social media profiles? Are they asking for outbound links? If so, to where? Remember, if you're hosting, YOU hold the power and can drop their post at any time.

Anita Perry from YogaAnita
10 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Friday, May 19, 2017

I am an influencer but this seems different. Othe people have said it is a scam to get at your bank accounts. Their website looks legit but it is for PR, and since they are not asking for back links, again it got my radar up.

Natalie Gallagher from Virtually Nat | Digital Entrepreneur
5 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Friday, May 19, 2017


It does sound a little odd with no backlinks. There *are* scans out there via PayPal as I'm sure you know. I had someone try to buy something off me from a Craigslist ad once and they tried to send me way more money than what I was asking for. Initially I thought it was a typo, but before I accepted the amount, I did some research and discovered these elaborate scams. I simply rejected the payment through PayPal and it ended. I think the key will be to really investigate the company to find out if it's legit. Good luck! I'd love to hear the resolution.

Anita Perry from YogaAnita
10 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Friday, May 19, 2017

Thanks, Natalie. I just replied no thanks and the contact immediately wrote to ask why and then offered to up the payment. It just sounds too good to be true..

Wendy Neal from Kickoff Wellness
1 Local Recommends Them • Answered on Friday, May 19, 2017

I have posted several paid product reviews and sponsored posts on one of my blogs. This is very common for companies to pay influencers to post a blog post or article as it gets a great return on investment for them. I would research them a little as Natalie suggested but it sounds like in your description that this is legit to me. All my sponsors pay me with Paypal, and I have some from Europe. Hope this helps!

Anita Perry from YogaAnita
10 Locals Recommend Them • Replied on Friday, May 19, 2017

Yes, I have had paid product reviews as well, but this was different. They mainly were interested in whether I had a paypal account rather than if I would be a good fit for them and they are not selling anything, just wanted to post a very generic article.

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