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How To Actually Generate Customers On Professional Networks: Part 1

Asked by Julbert Abraham from AGM - LinkedIn Marketing & LinkedIn Training

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If you're wondering if you can get clients from a professional network such as LinkedIn or Alignable (or any... Read Full Answer

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10 Actually Actionable Benefits Of List Building

Asked by Juan Manuel Colome from Top Response Marketing

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What is List Building all about?

List building refers to a continuous process of adding new and updated subscribers to your list.... Read Full Answer

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Celebrating Small And Locally-owned Businesses With Bill Brunelle of Independent We Stand

Asked by Alan Belniak from Alignable

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Today's special edition of the Local Business Stories by Alignable podcast highlights... Read Full Answer

What Is a Fair Wage for a Kitchen Manager?

By Rob Beers · Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 · Tagged in General Discussion

Tony Mannor from Finnegan's Irish Pub & Restaurant
1 Local Recommends Them • Answered on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It depends on how you define the position. If it's just your "Lead cook" then probably 10% more than a line cook position.

If your kitchen manager is writing schedules, menus, doing cost assessments, placing orders, planning and executing specials and helping with marketing you could see up to 50% than a line cook.

Tips and your BOH tipping policies play into that as well.

Laura Hart from Tom+Chee Kennesaw
30 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Saturday, May 20, 2017

I agree with Josh, it all depends on the responsibilities you have your kitchen manager in-charge of. Around $10 to $12 per hour seems to be in the industry norm for fast casual restaurants. When you also add in the tips (which are split among all hourly employees in our restaurant) the wages end up being higher around $13 -$14 per hour. Hope this helps!

Josh Roeder from The Eastburn
4 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Friday, May 19, 2017

Depends on job duties and expectations. Is a Kitchen Manager in your place the same as an Executive Chef position?

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