When A Firearm Is Purchased, Should You Also Obtain A Legal Protection Plan?

By Keith Baum · Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 · Tagged in Networking

I want to partner with firearms dealers/shops to offer legal plans.

Dorothy M Neddermeyer from Genesis Consultants, Inc.
9 Locals Recommend Them • Answered on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why not? The U.S. is a highly litigious society. Your selling point is powerful--i.e. legal coverage for wrongful death suits, the neighbor shot my dog, etc. Go to gun shows, gun shops, etc. The media in AZ. doesn't follow a shooting story to the end, unless, it is a high profile case with an arrest involved. And then, it might not be reported if the case isn't high profile. So, for somone like myself who isn't mingling with gun owners and victims, I am not privy to the mind-set about having legal protection. Sounds like a smart thing, which is a piece of... (more)

Keith Baum from LegalShield/ IDShield
1 Local Recommends Them • Replied on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

thank you Dorothy. That's one of the things that I am actually looking at is to have gun stores\sellers\Buyers to really look at getting a legal plan when they pick up a firearm not only will it cover issues with a firearm but other family issues as well.

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