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About Us

We provide pet boarding (dog boarding, cat boarding, and other furry & feathered pet boarding) and dog daycare in surroundings that are made specifically for their comfort, safety, and enjoyment, all set in an idyllic country setting. We also organize various workshops and events for owners to learn and have fun with their pets!

We are a small, family-owned facility with 6 individual dog pens and 3 individual cat pens so we can provide lots of one-on-one attention to all pets in our care. We prefer the supervised, open pack concept for dogs, if suitable, and only use the pens for feeding and overnight.

Our Team
Tracy Goodbrand from Irricana Kountry Kennel
Tracy Goodbrand
Pack Leader
Products & Services

Dog Boarding

Relax and enjoy your vacation while your dog is having a blast on his / her own vacation with us, located in an idyllic country setting on our 30 acres! We hate keeping dogs in pens and prefer the supervised, open concept pack. Dogs are only in pens during feeding times and overnight.

Cat Boarding

Relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your cat is lounging in his / her own private pen with outdoor access to a fully enclosed pen equipped with fun objects and plants to enjoy in our idyllic country setting!

Dog Daycare

Let your dog play with us all day so you can come home from work to a dog who is ready to settle in with you for an evening of relaxing - no extra walks will be needed! Daycare is not always "8:00 to 5:00". We also provide evening and weekend daycare for those working shift work or just want a...
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Tracy Goodbrand answered How Can I Promote Pet Safety?
3 months ago
Education is the answer for me! I'm working hard to organize various workshops to help education the pet owners in my area. We are keeping the prices reasonable to encourage more participants. ... (more)
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