Our Ideal Customer

Any Local Business Owner that owns less than $ 200 marketing budget to promote his business. They have not had a good experience in Pay per Click on Facebook, Google, Yahoo .... and SEO.

Businesses that business directories like Yelp, ReferralKey ....... do not solve your marketing needs.

About Us

Join the team… as local Business PARTNERS rather than competitors. Allow your business to achieve the organic success that it was destined to produce with the passion that you have and the passion that we have great things come to those who work together. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Let’s unlock your full potential together as a local community referring business and sharing customers. The more we move money around, the better our economy can function. Rather than Yelp and Google for example with a business at the top and taking all the business opportunities…. That is killing the economy.

How We Got Started

We created a marketing strategy where Local Small Businesses work together as Partners. All Local Small Businesses have the same Local Target Audience. It does not make any sense to follow and invite people outside of your Target Area.They likely will never come to your Local Business to buy your products or use your services.

We find active Social Media Accounts over your Local Area and invite them to follow this account. If you create your own Local Content Distribution Network of local followers you don’t need to spend money on Pay Per Click because you created your Own distribution Channel over your Target Audience through social media.

Businesses We Recommend
Convenient. Many people lose hours of work to go to the laboratory. Many times a sick family member has to be transferred to the laboratory for a simple test. Family members have to spend hours working to accompany their sick relatives. The mobile phlebotomist can go to your home or office.
Our Team
YourFirstWay Irvine from Your First Way Irvine
YourFirstWay Irvine
Content Distribution Network Manager