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About Us

Westmoreland County's destination for raw-food diets, grain-free food & treats, herbal and homeopathic remedies, Canine massage, Reiki, and holistic grooming with earth and pet-friendly biodegradable products.

We love to pamper your pet with our spa services and one-on-one grooming appointments. Our luxurious shampoos and conditioners not only clean without harming the environment, but are gentle on your pet's skin and coat. Your dog may enjoy a cranberry facial, a soothing mud treatment, or any number of our specialty services along with their regular grooming. Doesn't your pet deserve a day at the spa?

Our Team
Beth Kidd from Dogs By Design, Holistic Wellness Center & Spa
Beth Kidd
Businesses We Recommend
If you are interested in animal naturopathy for your pet, or you are a pet professional looking to learn more ways to help the animals you deal with, this is the place to learn! On-line classes are available, so you can learn at home. Definitely check them out!
While I have yet to have the opportunity to stop by Sweet Buzz Bean & Bistro, I can tell you that I've heard nothing but rave reviews! I can't wait to have a little time to go see what all the 'Buzz' is about!
As the owner of a holistic wellness center & spa for pets, I have been recommending my customers to peruse the website of Shirley's Wellness Café for years. There is a wealth of information there and you can read at your leisure. Thank you for being there for those of us who want to keep our pets at optimum health!
Pets Naturally offers natural pet health products and nutritional information to help owners adopt a natural and healthy lifestyle for their pets!

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