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The ideal Customer is one who WANTS to get better! If you are at a place in your Life where these pesky health issues are becoming more of a concern and you are therefore committed to FOLLOW OUR PROTOCOLS... then you are our Ideal Patient!

About Us

Although we specialize in helping with Hypertension and Pain, we can also reverse Type II Diabetes, Arthritis, Weight Issues and more! As a Licensed California Primary Care Provider we use Acupuncture, Herbology, Medical Nutrition, Bodywork and Mind/Body Development as mediums for healing. Our Acupuncture Clinic is located in Morgan Hill, California.

How We Got Started

Ever since she was 7 years old, people have asked Liza to place her hands on them for healing. When her Father died of Hypertension at the age of 52, she made it her Lifetime goal to help reverse illness in people. Now she specializes in Hypertension and Pain in our Morgan Hill Acupuncture Clinic.

90 Day Boot Camps for Health

We offer a Free Orientation to see if you qualify for participating in one of our 90 Day Boot Camps for Health. If you are suffering from: - Pain - Hypertension - Type II Diabetes - Arthritis - Weight Loss Then come in for the free orientation! Qualification is merely your ability to...


A healing modality used for thousands of years which is now becoming integrated with Western Medicine as Acupuncture can be found within major Hospitals such as Stanford, Kaiser, Oakland Highlands etc.


Liza became a Certified Massage Therapist back in 2011 which is when she invented her own, unique and intuitive bodywork styles called 'TwoShotPress', 'ThaiShotPress' and 'Dragon Stone Aromatherapy Treatment'.
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