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Registered mediator with the Georgia office of Dispute Resolution; Recognized by the Georgia Supreme Court.

Serving the interests of justice through fair and impartial mediation. Mediation is a viable and affordable alternative to taking a case before the courts. With mediation, both parties' interests are served through mediator facilitated negotiations of terms each party sets forth. In court or arbitration, the parties' cases are decided for them. Before setting a court date, mediate. All Civil Disputes, Including: Employment Disputes- Unlawful Termination of Employment; Discrimination; Harassment; General disputes between employees; Family Disputes; Personal Disputes; Consumer disputes; Denial of services based on race, gender identity, religion, etc.; Weekend and evening hours available. Meet at your location or court offices.

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Jacqueline Burnett-Brown, PhD
CEO- Mediator & Consultant
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Alternative dispute resolution through a mediator is a means of both parties working through a problem to resolution. The outcome is the outcome they negotiate with my facilitation. The goal is win-win.

Mediation within the Workplace.

When employees have a dispute with one another, it can halt productivity. I can help by helping them reach a resolution. Give me a call and let's get the problem resolved so everyone can just get back to work!
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