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My ideal customer knows the value of quality writing. As much as you want to be published, making sure to be considerate and respectful of your readers, by editing and proofing your work, should be any writer's priority.

About Us

At The Brielle Agency, we help authors and professional writers polish their work for publication. Our editors are highly skilled in proofreading, copy editing, line editing and substantive editing. Before you send your manuscript off to be published, let us take a look at it to ensure that you are putting your best work out there . We specialize in multicultural fiction and non-fiction books (including business and self-help), as well as children's books.

How We Got Started

The Brielle Agency was founded in 2013, although I had been editing on the side long before then. When I left my corporate job in late 2013 and relocated Kennesaw, Georgia, I had a hard time landing another job, so I turned to what I do best - editing. And that's how my side hustle became my daily bread. I love helping authors and small businesses polish up their words before the world sees it.


Your business website or document is an extension of you and your image, and no one knows that better than The Brielle Agency. We use your words to make you look good to your potential customers by reading through your content and rewriting sentences, checking for grammar and spelling errors.

Book Editing Services

As your editor, we will carefully read your manuscript, checking it for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We will also check for inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and will even rewrite sentences that don't make much sense. We offer three (3) levels of editing: Light, medium and heavy.


You have a story burning inside of you, but lack the words or the time needed to bring it out in the best possible way. We will listen to your story, connect with its essence, and make sure that we match your voice using skillful prose that reflects how you want your story to be told. This is by...
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