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Businesses and Individuals looking for value and quality combined with outstanding service in an insurance partner.

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The employee benefits department at Price & Ramey works to get the best value for our clients, we give exceptional service taking our clients out of the "benefits business".

How We Got Started

To identify and respond to the insurance needs of individuals and businesses in our service area; to assist them in maintaining their lifestyle, and to protect their assets through the highest level of professional advice and quality service with coverage written with financially sound insurance companies.


Price & Ramey offers health, life, vision, dental, disability, supplements and all employee benefit options including fully insured plans, partially self-funded plans and self funded plans. We offer free plan evaluations to make sure you are meeting the requirements in the Affordable Care Act...
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Samuel Brown answered How Can I Increase My Number of Insurance Clients?
4 months ago
It really is a numbers game. The more folks you touch by cold calling, social media, community functions and all the other ways to get in front of folks and tell your story, the more clients you... (more)
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Samuel Brown from Price & Ramey, Inc.
Samuel Brown
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